Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eight States, 2,448 Miles, 17 Days

We will begin our journey at the origin of the Road: Chicago, Illinois. It will take us about 17 days to travel the entire 2,448 or so miles of Route 66. No reservations, no deadlines--just two guys on the road, looking for America. If you are not familiar with Route 66, there is quite a bit of information about it on the Web. You might start at Wikipedia. The "real" way to do the drive is from east to west as we are doing, ending in Los Angeles. Here is the map:

Let us know if we should visit you along the way!


Unknown said...

And they're off.

Seth! and Adrian,
Great seeing you guys and spending some time with you as you embarked on your awewome journey. You're definitely doing it right... the ride, the time allocated, the pace. Stay in the moment, savor it bit by bit, don't forget to do laundry once or twice.

Safe and joyful travels.

Charlie, Julie & Mark

Betty Granda said...

So if you start in California and proceed eastward to Chicago, is that the "Unreal" way?

Seth! said...

Betty, I suspect it is called the "surreal" way. Isn't everything that starts in California surreal?