Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 6 - Tulsa, Oklahoma to Oklahoma City

I guess that this is where the Grapes of Wrath part of our journey begins. Oklahoma looks better than it did 75 years ago, fortunately. We have been enjoying the ever-changing scenery and Adrian is looking forward to getting into the desert in few days. Giddyup!

- Seth!

We woke up pretty early today to do some sightseeing in Tulsa. We did a few geocaches near our motel, then visited the Gilcrease Museum of the Americas. I particularly enjoyed the artwork of Olaf Seltzer at the museum. Seltzer painted about Native American life and culture. We hit the road from there, and began our drive to Oklahoma City. As we drove through the small agricultural communities, iconic red dirt lined the hills. As we drove in between the many fields of Oklahoma, I began to imagine the dust bowl era. In the days when crops wouldn't grow and the infertile soil blew useless on the wind. Back when the farmers and their families endured the dust storms as they ravaged the over-farmed landscape. And when the desperate, ruined farmers headed west to find a new life in sunny California. Further west, on our own pilgrimage to California, we stopped in Chandler, Oklahoma, at the art gallery of Jerry McLanahan, the author of our 66 guidebook. Soon we arrived in Oklahoma City. After an unsuccessful search for non-chain motels, we settled for a "Super 8", the next best thing. That ended our sixth day on the road.

- Adrian

Below: Adrian and artist/author Jerry McLanahan
Bottom: Ruins of an old gas station near Arcadia, Oklahoma

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