Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 5 - Springfield, Missouri to Tulsa, Oklahoma

We made it to our fourth state today and are enjoying the varied scenery. Adrian is ready for some desert and I know that the road will not disappoint. (He's ready for dessert, too.) The continuous thread through our journey has been heat and humidity. It was a sunny 98 degrees when we rolled into Tulsa. The other ongoing theme is Adrian's deck of cards. He is learning several new tricks/illusions each day and I am the volunteer from the audience--every time! Speaking of Adrian, here is his whale of a tale.

- Seth!

We left town fairly early and headed into the last of the Ozarks. In the outskirts of Springfield, we found a small geocache in a neighborhood park. It was quite a scenic drive from Springfield to Carthage, filled with rolling green hills--both wooded and field-covered--with old gas stations and motel relics peppered throughout. Soon we entered Joplin, our last town in Missouri. The main street of America took us through 13.2 miles of plain old Kansas. Momentarily (literally), we entered dusty Oklahoma.

We twisted along small farm roads through the many towns of northeastern Oklahoma. Along the way, we saw a billboard saying only "Jesus" and Burma-Shave styled signs with biblical passages. Can you tell we're in the Bible belt? In Catoosa, Oklahoma, we saw a large, concrete blue whale in a small lagoon. Crazy Okies! When we got to Tulsa, we stopped at the Desert Hills Motel. End Day Five.

P.S. Guess what folks?! I have a tan! A reverse trucker's tan...a passenger's tan! Yeah...that's it!

- Adrian

Below: Adrian with the geocache we found;
Bottom: The blue whale at Catoosa, Oklahoma
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JCB said...

Sounds like you guys are enjoying every trip. Your descriptions of your adventure are so vivid and colorful. Can't wait to read about the next leg of the trip.
Safe travels!