Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 9 - Adrian, Texas to Santa Fe, New Mexico

We did not expect to get this far today but for a couple of reasons (as you'll learn from Adrian) we continued all the way to Santa Fe. It's a lovely area although we've become accustomed to fewer people and smaller towns. I can sure see what draws people here, though.

I have to tell you some things about our car. If you want to meet guys, get a sweet 1965 Mustang. We get so many comments on it everyday. "I love your car." "Awesome car!" "I hate you. I always wanted one of those." The funniest thing, though, is when people ask what year it is. Frequently, they want to put forward a guess and more often than not they ask this: "What year is that, a '64?" Um, no. Ford did not make a 1964 Mustang but a lot of people seem to think so. (The first model year was 1965.) Of course, I just politely tell them it's a '65 and say thank you. We're so proud of our ride. Now I just need to find an open stretch of road and give Adrian a chance behind the wheel.

- Seth!

In the morning, we drove the whole 36 miles to the New Mexico border and entered the "Land of Enchantment". The Texas-New Mexico border has a perfect line between flat and distant mesas, a truly amazing sight. We drove through awe-inspiring terrain and curved our way through Tucumcari and Santa Rosa. We had chosen to take the long Santa Fe loop, so we took 66 up to Las Vegas (New Mexico) where we planned to stay. When we got there, however, the motel we wanted to stay at had been made into condos! We realized that we could get to Santa Fe before check-in time at motels in Las Vegas, so we hit the road again. About 15 miles out of town, I realized that my sunglasses were still sitting on the table where we had lunch. We quickly drove back to pick them up. Fortunately, they were right where I left them. Our long (over 300 miles) trip was rewarded by gorgeous Santa Fe. The skies over the town were a brilliant blue setting off bright white clouds. Thus ended our longest drive yet.

- Adrian

Below: New Mexico greeted us with mesas and buttes
Bottom: We were particularly impressed with the rock outcrops

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