Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day Two - Springfield, Illinois

Adrian said that I should write today's entry, since we did not really go anywhere. This was our day to get provisions and car supplies. In the morning, we stopped by the Pioneer Motel out on Peoria Road for a photo opportunity. The old and unglamourous sign looks much as it did long ago. Around midday, we went to Shea's Gas Station Museum also on Peoria Road. This is a very eclectic and densely-packed family owned museum that grew out of Mr. Shea's gas station that has been located here (or nearby) for 65 years. The 95-degree outside temperature was cranked up a notch in these old buildings and sweaty was the look du jour. It was definitely worth the stop, though.

We regained some strength lost to the 72% humidity and went out in the evening to the Barrelhead on Wabash Avenue (also on Route 66) where I had a horseshoe and Adrian had pizza. We visited with friends, had some ice cream and are turning in for the night. Tomorrow we are on the road again and headed to Missouri.

- Seth!

Below: Seth! at the Cozy Drive In on Tuesday evening; Bottom: Adrian with Mr. Shea

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