Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day One - Chicago to Springfield, Illinois

We have completed day one and will stocking up with provisions on Wednesday. Adrian's journal about today's adventure is so good, I don't have much to add. It looks like he'll be our blogger.

- Seth!

After an early rise at Mark and Julie Brandt's house, we drove into Chi-town and looked for the famed "End of Route 66" sign on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Jackson Street, near Grant Park. I navigated us through the busy Chicago streets out to the town of Joliet (near Romeoville!). We stopped to see the "Gemini Giant" in Wilmington. At the town of Pontiac, we ate lunch at the Old Log Cabin Inn and stopped at the quaint Route 66 Hall of Fame Museum. We traveled through Normal and Bloomington to Funk's Grove, home of Pure Maple Sirup (spelled just that way!). However, upon arrival, they were sold out and only open by appointment or random chance.

In Atlanta (Illinois, NOT Georgia), we stopped to photograph the "Bunyon Giant" and question the strange smiley face on their water tower. Our first time getting lost was in tiny Lincoln where we were unsure of an unmarked turnoff. After that, we cruised down to Springfield and had dinner at the Cozy Drive-In. That concluded our first day on Route 66.

- Adrian

Below: On the shores of Lake Michigan; Bottom: Adrian at the starting point in Chicago (the sign marks the end for eastbound travelers)

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Betty Granda said...

Both my folks are from Lincoln Illinois-- did you know that it is said to be the only town in the country that was named Lincoln BEFORE he was famous? He was just some law clerk or something riding around illinois on a horse, and the town was looking for a name. It was kind of a joke at the time. He christened it by smashing a watermelon on the ground. I dont know if any of that is true but it's such a cute story I thought I should share.